Paris, Poppy & Ballet Flats

Recently I was thinking a lot about a new style that was not yet in our collection. I wanted something effortless and classic. Shoes that we could wear all day long and would always look great. I chose ballet flats – simple, urban and subtle.

As soon as we received lasts and leather from Italy, we got down to work. I got the first prototype ready just in time for my trip to Paris – that was too great an opportunity for “field test” to miss it. Besides, they match with everything, so it was a no-brainer to take them with me. Don’t want to brag but I was so right!

Poppy Ballet Flats Designer Womens Shoes (1)

That was one of those cases of weekends spent with a group of your best friends. We strolled around Champs Elysees, enjoyed the Parisian cuisine, visited museums and of course stopped every 30 minutes by cafes to drink coffee and eat chocolate croissants. Entire weekend in my new ballet flats. Literally! I felt so comfortable wearing beige, cotton 7/8 - length trousers and new suede ballet flats – POPPY.

And in case you wonder how I came up with the name, it’s all due to my trips to the new factory that made the prototypes for me as I spent time in the train watching wild poppies outside the window.

Poppy Ballet Flats Designer Womens Shoes (1)

Poppy Ballet Flats Designer Womens Shoes (1)

Poppy Ballet Flats Designer Womens Shoes (1)



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