Everything you always wanted to know about sandals

Our clothing preferences change with the arrival of summer… thick clothes disappear in the depths of our wardrobes while all light fabrics and airy clothes come to the fore. When it comes to shoes, it is sandals that rule the summer shoes closet! Clearly it is not a surprise as sandals have plenty of advantages. Let’s take a quick look at what is important when selecting summer footwear in order to fully enjoy wearing it.



Leonardo da Vinci supposedly said „Human foot is a machine of masterful design and a work of art”. Who would put a work of art in an ordinary frame? If we are health-conscious, let’s do not forget about our feet, given how sensitive they are in summer.

One of the most crucial things when choosing the perfect pair of sandals (besides it should apply to all kinds of shoes) is to determine the inner material used to make lining and insole. If it’s not natural leather…well you might be in trouble.

Linings and insoles made of artificial leather or other artificial materials may block air circulation. Temperature within the shoe rises. Feet begin to sweat and “glue” to the insole and lining. The effect? Often chafing, blisters and swelling. Feet heal slowly, leaving us with extended periods of discomfort. For those reasons we recommend wearing shoes from the most healthy material for our feet – genuine leather. Soft insoles and linings made of leather, e.g. Mimi Blue or Mimi Gold are perfect choice, allowing our feet to breathe and work properly. It’s all about that sensation of not even feeling that you wear shoes!

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The proper structure of shoes is as important as quality, so once we make sure that shoes are made of leather and have leather linings and insoles, let’s check their structure.

Once we put our feet in the shoes, there are some questions that may arise. Are they comfortable? Is it the right size for me? To check that, we have to see where the heel ends. In many styles, the heel is limited by the counter,  e.g. Lily  or Ruby . However, in sandals without the counter, our heel extends under pressure and we have to make sure it does not go beyond the line of the shoe, otherwise we might feel discomfort.

When buying sandals, pay attention to bottom strap, if it is of proper length and width. Our feet swell due to heat and simply from extended periods of walking (we love discovering new places in the summer!). Too tight bottom strap can cause discomfort and wound our feet. On the other hand, too loose one makes the foot wiggle in the shoe. It definitely does not look classy!

Another point to consider is choosing correct heel. It’s hard to define the perfect height as we are all different in our preferences. Let’s try then to think in advance about our plan of the day. When at work, in rush, flat sandals might be a very good idea e.g. Mimi Blue or Mimi Gold. Sandals with block heel such as Ruby may also do the job, as they are very stable.

For a change, at night when we go out to a romantic dinner or simply to hang out with our friends to laugh and enjoy good food, sandals with a classic stiletto for sure will make an impression e.g. Lily  or Daisy 

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Suede or grain leather

Suede or grain leather? This is our main concern when buying shoes in winter, when our shoes are vulnerable to weather conditions and come in contact with snow, salt and mud. Luckily in the summer we are usually free from all of those. That is why soft suedes as well as grain leather, even the ones in extremely bright colours, will be a great choice, perfectly matching with our tanned skin.

 Sandals Zurbano Shoes


We all love sandals for being so feminine, comfortable and versatile. They look great matched with delicate dresses, skirts, straight trousers as well as boyfriend jeans. Sandals have plenty of advantages, and if we only know what to pay attention to when selecting the perfect pair for us, we can fully enjoy wearing these beautiful summer shoes.

If you have any questions, we are here for you! Please reach out to us at info@zurbanoshoes.com



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